Prosper Loaded and Delivered Four Sets of High Performance Double Arms Metal Spinning Machines with Robot Arms to Thailand

Date: Mar,12 2021 View:
Prosper Loaded and Delivered Four Sets of High Performance Double Arms Metal Spinning Machines with Robot Arms to Thailand
At March 9th 2021, Prosper completed loading four sets of high performance double arms metal spinning machines with robot arms (PS-CNCSXY300), which were delivered to Thailand.
This machine is a double slide high-efficiency CNC rotational-pressing that is innovatively developed according to the market demand of lighting and other industries. The machine is economical and practical, and has strong professionalism. It can directly spin the mirror light cup, flower cup, sand cup and so on. It can complete the mass production of parabolic, horn, bullet and other series products, and can also complete the process of product trimming, flanging, curling, etc. It is suitable for the spinning of various materials such as aluminum (alloy) plate, copper plate, stainless steel plate and low carbon steel plate. It can be used for spinning of cylindrical blanks.
Due to the effect of COVID-19, the inspection of machine was carried by online pictures and videos. When the machines reach customer’s factory, Prosper will help customer online to install and debug the machines until they start regular production.
In normal situation, Prosper can provide 10 days free training program (1-2 trainee) in Prosper’s factory. If customers need service providing in their factories, Prosper can arrange engineers for on-site service.
The quality warranty period is one year from the date when the final inspection is qualified. The quality warranty period of the control system is three years.
Within the warranty period, Prosper is responsible for providing free and timely maintenance services and necessary parts (except man-made damage).