Pulley Forming

According to the groove type and processing technology of the pulley, it can be divided into three categories: split wheel, folding wheel and multi-wedge wheel (multi-V pulley). As a new process product, these spinning pulleys have been widely used in auxiliary equipment driven by internal combustion engines such as automobiles, tractors, etc., such as cooling fans, generators, water pumps, air conditioners, compressors, power steering pumps, etc., as well as machine tools. Agricultural machinery, household appliances, household machinery and other equipment. Due to the different structural characteristics of the three types of spinning pulleys, the process is different;

The spinning process of splitting V type belt wheel involves movement of multi-body and couple of elastic-plastic deformation.The typical deformation of spinning process of splitting V type belt wheel was studied using elastic-plastic finite element simulation.
The forming load and accuracy in different process was discussed,and the right forming scheme was obtained on the bases of the analysis.



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