Prosper cnc machine co., ltd is found in 1991,with 30 years of experience in metal spinning technology, located in Huizhou city in Guangdong,adjacent to Guangzhou Baiyun and Hong Kong international airport,we are a national high-tech enterprises authenticated by the ISO9001:2015, CE , EAC, a professional cnc metal spinning machine manufacturing company in China,integrating scientific-research, manufacturing, sales,customer services, education in one.We add value to the entire product lifecycle,we can offer the required know-how and technology from the initial idea through development and prototyping to ongoing production and offer the high quality spinning machine to meet with customer product’s requirments.After 3 decade of unremitting efforts,now PROSPER become the largest CNC metal spinning manufacturer in China and with 250 employees,PROSPER has 3 main entities:Guangdong PROSPER,Xi'an PROSPER,Huizhou technical school PROSPER .


Prosper also developed advanced control systems, and provided users with automatic programming operation software to provide users with personalized customization and all process support.

Prosper have been committing to helping customers solve difficulities offering turnkey project both machine and technical solutions to customer,bringing convenience to customers with the most economical price and the most accurate solution.

With 30 years of unremitting efforts and integrating many industries resource at home and abroad., now we have developed into the largest cnc metal spinning manufacturer in china,with a operating area about 60,000 square meters,PROSPER nowadays have developed 13 series of spinning machines with over 50 spinning machine models,we have installed our machines into 90% area in china and more than 50 countries worldwide .


Prosper Spinning Machines:

High Speed Precision Spinning Machine Series

High Performance/Large-Diameter CNC Spinning Machine Series

High Performance Double Arms Spinning Machine Series

Special Multi-rollers Spinning Machine Series

High Performance Vertical Spinning Machine Series

Light Pole/flag Pole Spinning Machine Series

Flanging & Bell-Mouth Ventilation Spinning Machine Series

High Performance/Heavy Duty Single Roller Spinning Machine Series

Tube/Pipe Spinning Machine Series

High Performance Double Arms Spinning Forming Center Series

Heavy Duty Type With Heating Double Roller CNC Metal Spinning Machine Series

Prosper's Machine Processing Scope Reference:

Blank sheet from 10 mm to 8000 mm

Pipe diameter from 1 mm to 6000 mm

Pipe wall thickness from 0.1 mm to 300 mm

The Machinable length of pipes ranges from 10mm to 10000mm

The longest lamp pole flagpole machine can reach 16 meters

Our metal forming machine tools can process materials such as: aluminium, aluminium alloy, carbon steel, alloy steel, superalloy steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, platinum, silver, copper, molybdenum and various non-ferrous metals.

In the past 20 years, our series of CNC spinning machines have been widely used in many fields, such as aerospace, machinery, military industry, nuclear industry, ships, railways, automobiles, communications, electric power, environmental protection, ventilation, air conditioning, musical instruments, chemical products, scientific research, light industrial products and so on.

The Main Processing Parts:

Engine parts, construction, food and other mechanical parts, centrifugal blade of separator, feeding funnel;

Various types of liners, high-end shipbuilding supplies, satellite receivers, satellite antenna,high-pressure shielding cover, metal packaging barrels;

Precision hardware such as automobile/motorcycle: three-way catalytic converter, muffler, transmission shaft, gearbox gear, hub;

Fan tuyere:Nozzle,difusser, guide hood, rain cap, collector, cone drum, wind drum, hub;

Kitchenware: imitation die-casting aluminium pot, iron pot, various stainless steel kitchenware, household and commercial kitchenware, pots, teapots, coffee pots;

Lamps: reflector, LED cover, lamp plate, lamp holder, various lighting hardware accessories;




Prosper always adhere to: integrity, dedication, pragmatism and innovation joined values of business. we focus on the ownership of independent intellectual property rights of cnc spinning technology, to make up for the urgent needs of our country, and prosper is always committed to providing customers with one-stop overall solution in spinning technology(machine/solution/design/product/development); now, more than 90 percent provinces in china, and more than 50 countries and regions all over the world have our spinning machines.

Hundreds of strategic partners domestic and abroad, witnessed the sacred promise and the ultimate quality of prosper.from a commitment to a product, from a brand to a spirit, prosper continue to use innovative technology to lead the development of the industry, and become the first choice of metal spinning solution and application provider in china, create value for all partners. leading technology trend, prospering partners, and benefiting all people is the vision we sharing with all the staff and partners, welcome to prosper, we looking forward to be the best choice of your business.


 Prosper Factory

60000 square meters production base, more than 20 patents.Our products exported to more than 50 countries and regions, We offer the good quality metal spinning machine and reliable after-sale service,You enhance the effects of Prosper public-praise.


 Prosper Worldwide

Prosper have exported and installed spinning machines into more than 50 countries worldwide.
One third of the annual orders is came from old customers.Customer satisfaction is quite important for Prosper.
After-sales customer service constitutes the most important part of the corporation between PROSPER and customers throughout the world.
After sales technical support, machine installation, spare part service and all services are provided studiously by competent and experienced engineers and technicians.