Application of Spinning Technology in Aeronautical Manufacturing

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Application of Spinning Technology in Aeronautical Manufacturing
On the aircraft, all kinds of nose cover, auxiliary fuel tank, inlet, gas cylinder, pull rod, slide rail, actuator cylinder are formed by spinning. On the engine, the propeller cap, casing, lip, intake cone, nozzle and nozzle are also mostly formed by spinning process. Such parts have complex structure, special raw materials and large product size. Spinning forming can improve the integrity of structural components, reduce the deformation of welds and parts, and also reduce the workload of manual shaping. More importantly, as the strength of the material after spinning increases, the design wall thickness of the parts can be reduced, so as to reduce the weight of the whole machine and improve the reliability of the whole machine.

There are various spherical or cylindrical cylinders on the aircraft. These cylinders operate at high pressures, some as high as 45MPa. In order to meet the pressure and quality requirements of the cylinders, these cylinders are constructed with metal material lined with external winding composite materials. The metal lining is stainless steel, titanium alloy and aluminum alloy. The traditional manufacturing method of spherical and cylindrical cylinder lining is forging machine, that is, forging a cylindrical blank with a wall thickness of about 30mm. After numerical control processing, the wall thickness of the final parts is 1.5~2.5mm. The utilization rate of forging raw materials is about 3%, serious waste, long processing cycle, high manufacturing cost, and will reduce the fatigue life of products. If the spinning technology is adopted, the shape and size of the blank plate can be obtained after 1~2 times of powerful spinning, which can improve the integrity of the structural components, reduce the welding deformation and the workload of manual shape correction, and improve the product life.
For cylindrical gas cylinders, the ordinary spinning closing process can also achieve the overall shape of cylinder lining and improve the material utilization rate.

Aviation capability is an important symbol of reflecting the comprehensive national strength of a country. Spinning technology can enhance the performance of aviation materials, which has made important contributions to the development of Chinese aerospace industry.