The Advantages of Choose CNC Spinning Machining

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The Advantages of Choose CNC Spinning Machining
Metal spinning is a kind of cutting - free metal forming process, but also a more and more used in the market. There are two main purposes for enterprises to choose CNC spinning processing: to reduce costs and increase benefits. So how does the metal spinning process make the enterprise achieve these two goals? This starts from the advantages of metal spinning processing.

1.Metal deformation condition is good
In the process of spinning, the contact between the wheel and the metal is almost point contact, the contact area is small, the unit pressure is high, up to 2500 ~ 3500MPa above, so spinning is suitable for processing materials with high strength and difficult to deformation. Moreover, the total deformation force required is small, which can greatly reduce the power consumption. When processing the same size workpiece, the tonnage of spinning machine only needs about 1/20 of the tonnage of press.

2. The range of metal spinning products is wide
The range of spinning processing products is very wide, according to the ability of spinning machine to make large diameter thin wall pipe, special pipe, variable section pipe and spherical, hemispherical, oval, curvebus shape and with ladder and change the thickness of almost all rotary system parts, such as rocket, missile and satellite nose cone and shell; Submarine penetration rings and torpedo housing, radar reflector and searchlight housing; Jet engine cowling and prime mover parts; Hydraulic and compressor casings and cylinders; Turbine shaft, nozzle, TV cone and bellows; Rotary drum for dryers, mixers and washing machines; Shallow disc shape, disc shape, hemispherical head; Milk jugs and empty, thin-walled daily necessities will do. The products processed by spinning can avoid the disadvantages of welding discontinuity, low strength and better sealing.

3.Metal spinning base material utilization rate is high, product stability is good
The utilization rate of the base metal processed by spinning is very high, which can save nearly 70 raw materials compared with other processing methods. And the products processed by spinning, its tensile strength and hardness have been greatly improved, the quality of the product is stable and unified, very suitable for the need for mass production of enterprises, can reduce the production cost of enterprises.

Of course, there are many characteristics of spinning process, such as products can be formed without multiple rework, a wide source of raw materials, each can help enterprises to save production costs and labor costs, it is win the favor of many industries of parts and components enterprises.