What should be paid attention to when operating the CNC spinning machine

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What should be paid attention to when operating the CNC spinning machine?

CNC spinning machine is a kind of machine commonly used by processing plants in modern society. Nowadays, CNC spinning machine basically adopts the human-machine interface operation mode, which is simple and easy to use. A reasonable operation mode can not only ensure the durability and stability of the equipment, but also improve production efficiency and ensure production safety. So what should we pay attention to when using the CNC spinning machine in order to avoid operational errors?

  1. Before operation, check whether the proximity switches of each function are effective to prevent the failure of operation due to no signal in the processing procedure due to looseness or damage of the proximity switches.
  1. When operating the CNC rotary press, you should be very familiar with the position of the emergency stop button switch, so that when you need to use it, you can press it without looking for it.
  1. Before installing the fuse, the machine tool must be powered off.
  1. There shall be enough working space to avoid danger.
  1. The working floor shall be kept clean and dry to prevent danger caused by water or oil slipping,
  1. Before using the switch, make sure not to make mistakes and touch the switch randomly.

  1. If a task needs to be completed by more than two people, it is necessary to be familiar with the positions of all safety devices equipped on the CNC spinning machine in each step of operation to prevent the operators and equipment from being injured and damaged.

Of course, no matter which control mode is adopted for the CNC spinning machine, the determination and delivery of the roller pass mainly depend on the skilled skills of the operator to a large extent.