Factors Affecting Spinning Thin Wall Products

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Factors Affecting Spinning Thin Wall Products

Thin wall parts are widely used in various industries, such as automobile shock absorbers, military accessories, lamp shades, hardware tableware, aerospace, etc. Compared with other processing methods, the products produced by NC spinning are not only thinner, but also stronger. However, any equipment has its limitations in processing, and CNC spinning machine is no exception. Therefore, when designing spinning thin-walled parts, it is necessary to consider the forming ability of spinning process, which generally includes the following aspects.
  1. Thinning rate of CNC spinning
The thinning rate of common stamping and stretching is generally about 10%, and the thinning rate of manual spinning is about 10%. Due to the shear force, the maximum thinning rate of the material can reach about 40%, and the same wall thickness of the parts, the strength of CNC spinning parts is better than stamping and drawing. For the processing of thin-walled parts under internal pressure, the strength of stamping and drawing is poor and easy to crack, and the welded circular parts are also easy to crack. The overall spinning can improve the strength of the product.

2Stability of CNC Spinning Products
In general, the accuracy of stamping and drawing thin-walled parts will be better than spinning. But in the case of long time work or parts themselves heating up, CNC spinning products at different temperatures to maintain the stability of accuracy and strength is better than other processes, which is the advantage of spinning products, but also the main reason why most military accessories are made of spinning process.
3 The thickness distribution of spinning products
The thickness distribution of CNC spinning products in different parts is uneven, because the thinning rate of power spinning is different from that of ordinary spinning. However, when the conic products are forced to spin, the taper wall thickness of the spinning products can reach an even thickness, such as the forced spinning of traditional Chinese medicine type covers for military accessories. The thickness of the bottom of the plate spinning product is generally similar to that of the blank, because it has not been thinned here. However, the difference between the bottom diameter and the maximum diameter of the product is large, and the wall thickness of the bottom will still change slightly.

4Surface Texture Effect of Spinning Products
The general treatment of spinning product surface is polishing, stretching, oxidation, painting and so on. The surface of the pressed aluminum parts can be coated with powder or sand blasting directly without polishing, but the surface of oil spraying, electroplating, oxidation, etc., needs to be stretched.

No matter what product starts with design. The more comprehensive the Angle considered in product design, the higher the qualified rate of the products produced. Seemingly common thin-walled products, but also through a careful design to be implemented into production. Prosper has many years of spinning product design and spinning processing experience, has been committed to providing quality service for customers, won the trust of customers.