What Are The Factors That Make Metal Spinning Products Rebound

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What Are The Factors That Make Metal Spinning Products Rebound?
The rebound of metal spinning products is a difficult problem to solve for metal spinning products, which has a serious impact on the precision of products. At present, there is no good method to completely solve the problem of metal spinning products rebound, only through equipment transformation or process improvement to alleviate the occurrence of this situation. So why do spinners bounce back? The product rebound is mainly caused by the following factors:  
First, the material characteristics of the metal itself.
From ordinary metal materials to high strength materials, different materials have different yield strength, the higher the yield strength, the more prone to metal spinning products rebound phenomenon, such as titanium alloy, superalloy, etc.

Second, the thickness of the forming material.
In the forming process, the thickness of the material has a great influence on the bending property. With the increase of material thickness, the rebound phenomenon will decrease gradually. This is because the thickness of the material increases, the elastic recovery deformation of the material involved in plastic deformation also increases, and the rebound becomes smaller.

Third, shape product shape.
The degree of rebound of different products is not the same. The more complex the shape of the product, the easier it is to bounce back. In order to prevent the rebound phenomenon from causing the product forming not in place, the technical personnel need to consider the question of springback compensation during the forming analysis in the early stage of spinning production.

From the technical point of view, metal spinning products rebound is impossible to avoid completely. However, we take the possibility of metal rebound as a premise in daily production, and design appropriate processing technology can effectively reduce the product quality problems caused by metal rebound.