High performance double arm spinning machine series is a multifunctional and powerful spinning forming machine center which can be used to produce a broad range of products with a high efficiency and precision,especially for the big thickness products.
Efficiency and smooth running, energy consumption and ultimately the environmental impact of ventilation systems and fans depend substantially on good quality components. Optimized flow dynamic contours and high surface quality avoid turbulence developing, low sound emission and high energy efficiency,
Spinning of major diameter products
Spinning of big thickness material
Spinning of products that not achievable by human labor
Substitution of drawings/reduction of cost
Optional dual spindle to reduce mandrel cost
Excellent cost effective/economical and practical
---High strength cast machine body
---Computerized SIEMENS Numerical Control System
---Spinning tools turret/rollers
---Heave duty guide and ball screw
---High torgue/high speed spindle
---Material centering
---Tool offset
---Digital integrated hydraulic system
---Digital integrated lubrication system
---BA units
---BE units
---Prosper Spincad programming software
---Second spindle
---Power unit
Application: military,spaceflighgt,avitation weapons and other manufacturing industries
three rollers power spinning,synchronizing spinning and stagger spinning
multi axises/nulti channel cnc control system,apply to carbon steel alloy steel,atainless steel,nonferrous metal and other alloy material