PS-CNCFGB400Vertical End Forming Spinning Machine is a special-design CNC spinning machine with a wide range of applications and high cost performance. The equipment adopts double-station vertical structure, which is mainly used for the flanging, bulging, wide mouth, trimming and other process of tubular parts end. This model is suitable for auxiliary processing of pully ,tube parts, auto parts, hub, etc.
This product adopts full-digital control, which solves the problems of complicated traditional operation, massive processes, low precision and efficiency, hard labor work as well as poor quality of finished products. It makes good use of digital control technology to realize fully automatic processing of various functions. Only need to set the program, then complete mass production and ensure product consistency. With strong structure and high stability, its product range is wide. The mechanical structure adopts a three-dimensional overall design, which is compact and reasonable while optimizing the processing force. Equipment operation is humanized, safe and reliable.
   PS-V300 for large quantities of hardware,lighting spinning workpiece,match double work position mechanism,continuous production,enhance work efficiency
   PS-V500,for medium diameter spinning workpiece,widely used in mass production of kitchenware products.
   PS-V700 high-intensity spinning,expansion spinning,car wheels and other automobile wheels
Applications:Lightings、metal art crafts、hardwares Best spinning solution for small to medium diameter/thickness product Excellent cost effective/economical practical High stability/efficiency Reduce cost of human labor/higt rate of return Technical