PS-CNCPN280/420 High Performance /High Compressive Stress Spinning Necking Machine is specially developed for the production needs of the tubular spinning parts of the exhaust system of the military, aerospace, communications, automobile, construction machinery, medical, environmental. The machine is used for for hot forming / profiling / nose forming of cylindrical shaped products,high pressure cylinders (lpg, fire extinguisher & gas etc.), pressure vessels,end closing & neck forming of high pressure cylinders / tubes like oxygen, cng, scuba diving special high pressure tubes where no welding is allowed / permissible. the utility model has the advantages of practical functions, strong professionalism, high production efficiency, batch production and trial production of the barrel type and tube type products,. It is applicable to the tube material and sealing and necking the ends of the tube and closing the end of the tube. At the same time, we can finish the trimming, flanging, curling, necking, rolling and other processing at once;